What is a 'Very Light Jet' or VLJ?

Also known as light jets, micro light jets, microjets, mini-jets, personal jet, personal plane, private jet, private plane

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Adam Aircraft

Company Website: AdamAircraft.com
VLJ Model: A700 AdamJet

A700 Photos
Very Light Jet: Adam Aircraft A700
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 Very Light Jet: Adam Aircraft A700
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The A700 AdamJet is a turbofan-powered aircraft with six seats (two crew seats and four cabin seats) including an aft lavatory. There is also a modified version of the A700 suitable for use as an "air taxi" (two crew seats and six cabin seats and no lavatory).

The A700 AdamJet will be certified to the requirements of U.S. FAR Part 23 including Day, Night, VFR, IFR, Single Pilot Operation, Flight Into Known Icing Conditions, and RVSM certification. The aircraft will also obtain various foreign certifications as requested.

More pictures of Adam Aircraft's VLJ may be viewed by clicking here and the specifications of this very light jet may be viewed by clicking here.

Adam Aircraft in the News...
Adam Aircraft Announces A500 Aircraft Featured in 'Miami Vice', the Movie

Adam Aircraft's A500, which is the baby brother of their Very Light Jet (VLJ) model A700, will be seen flying in 'Miami Vice'...

Adam Aircraft Announces Chris Naro as Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Adam Aircraft, Naro served in senior finance and business roles over a 22-year career. Significantly, he was the Vice President of Finance and Strategic Analysis for...

JSSIŽ and Adam Aircraft Announce Exclusive A500 and A700 Tip-to-TailŽ Coverage

This program launch marks the entry into the VLJ (Very Light Jet) market for JSSI and the first hourly maintenance program to include...

Adam Aircraft A700 AdamJet Achieves Flight of 41,000 feet at 340 Knots

Passing through 39,000 feet, the climb rate was still in excess of 1,000 feet-per-minute. The microjet flew level at 41,000 feet for approximately five minutes, reaching a maximum true airspeed of...

Adam Aircraft Announces Rob Penrod as Vice President, Manufacturing

As Vice President of Manufacturing, Rob will spearhead our quest to achieve optimized production rates for the A500 and the A700 (VLJ) aircraft as...

Adam Aircraft Announces Craig Johnson as Chief Operating Officer

...to be associated with the A500 and the A700 very light jet (VLJ) aircraft," said Craig Johnson. "These carbon-composite aircraft represent next-generation...

ST Engineering and Adam Aircraft Sign Strategic Partnership for Very Light Jet and Piston Aircraft

...signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Adam Aircraft to establish a strategic partnership to address the very light jet (VLJ) and piston aircraft market...

Adam Aircraft: 2005 Milestones, Benchmarks, Achievements

Additionally, the company created and installed significant upgrades to the A700 Very Light Jet, including...

Adam Aircraft Announces First Flight of A700 AdamJet Production Aircraft

...this first flight accelerates our A700 certification effort," said CEO Rick Adam. "The A700 Williams FJ-33 engines are already FAA-certified, and the 65% commonality from our FAA-Certified twin-engine piston will significantly reduce...

Adam Aircraft Announces Rollout of A700 AdamJet Serial Number 002

...the latest updates to its Very Light Jet (VLJ) program with the rollout of A700 AdamJet Serial Number 002. This conforming aircraft, made from production tooling...

Adam Aircraft Announces First Customer Delivery of A500 Twin-Engine Piston Aircraft

The delivery announcement follows the Approved Production Inspection System (APIS) certification by the...


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