What is a 'Very Light Jet' or VLJ?

Also known as light jets, micro light jets, microjets, mini-jets, personal jet, personal plane, private jet, private plane

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What is a 'Very Light Jet' or VLJ?

The newest innovation in aviation is a small plane that has taken on the name 'Very Light Jet' or VLJ for short.  While VLJ is the most common term you will see used to reference this modern breed of aircraft, it is also regularly referred to as a light jet, micro light jet, microjet, mini-jet, personal jet, personal plane, private jet or private plane.

The NBAA defines VLJs as single-pilot jets that weigh 10,000 pounds or less. They generally have two engines, five or six passenger seats, automated cockpits and cost half as much as the most inexpensive business jet now in service.

Very light jets can land on runways as short as 3,000 feet, compared with the 4,000 or 5,000 feet required by the smallest jets now being flown. The FAA says there are more than 5,000 small, underused airports in the United States.

Hoping to capture a piece of this emerging market, no fewer than 8 companies are currently designing, testing and manufacturing their own very light jet model. A few others have tried and failed.  (See the manufacturer links at the upper right of this page.)

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The most likely use for micro light jets will be to serve as corporate planes.  Smaller companies that would never have considered purchasing a private plane will now contemplate owning a microjet due to its significantly smaller price tag and operating costs.  Larger companies with existing aircraft will likely begin to sift these new very light jets into their fleets rather than continuing to buy the larger, more expensive hanger hogs.

New companies have also been spawned and are preparing for the arrival of the VLJ.  They are ready to claim their piece of what is expected to become a billion dollar industry in very short order.  TaxiJet (taxijet.com), DayJet (dayjet.com) and Pogo (flypogo.com) are just a few companies that will be providing air taxi services to and from mid-sized cities.

No matter what you call them these light weight 4-8 seat planes are definitely the hottest thing in aviation!

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